Building website for a start-up based in United States of America
Website development for a start-up based in New York, USA

VAMRAH is a start-up based in New York and their service is to deliver breakthrough innovations in document understanding and information extraction. We developed a single page website for them in WordPress. Single page websites are definitely magical. A layman will not realise it’s a single page because of the smooth transition we provide while navigating through different sections of the page.

Single page website can be best utilised by young entrepreneurs/nascent business or by anybody who has very little content to showcase in the site. You can creatively make single page website look uber cool.

Building single page WordPress website for a start-up based in New York

And the client said

Imajine delivered a high-quality website, meeting the client’s expectations. They communicated mainly via email and followed an agile methodology, ensuring a smooth collaboration. Above all, their responsiveness, reasonable service fee, and top-notch deliverables were impressive.

Santhosh Kumaran
Co-Founder and CEO