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PlumbKart is an E-commerce website that sell bathroom products only. We developed Plumbkart ecommerce website. We maintain this ecommerce website content and regularly optimise the site for search engines (SEO).

Imajine has designed and developed Ecommerce web portal for Bangalore based Indian company

Considering the number of products, We have made sure the site is clean, we have invested time and picked the best quality product photographs to ensure the user is impressed by his experience on the site and user gets good clarity on the products.

We have worked with focussed group of potential product buyers to get better clarity on their requirements. This gave us creative ideas on how to package these products that meets the user’s requirements and drastically reduce their confusion. We personally visited the vendors and were able to come up with best package deals.

PlumbKart eCommerce website project is iterative. We will ensure that user experience will get even better with each coming year.

Built an eCommerce website to sell Plumbing material