Manisha Lomash

Ecommerce website portal development experts for Kuwait


  • UI
  • Website Design
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Optimising Page Speed
  • Google AdWords

An absolute bliss working with Manisha – a dynamic woman in business. She is fun and she is herself. We made sure her portfolio/service website is interestingly unique and reflects her, reflects Manisha’s energy.

This portfolio/service site designed/developed is clean, pleasant experience for the user, responsive and fast loading. The site shares Manisha’s bio data, her present events, activities and articles. Of course her regular classes/event information too. We also regularly run Google Ads to promote Manisha’s classes/events which has always been a huge success in attracting genuine students/candidates for the same.

We sat with her and worked out a structure on what kind of content should she focus on to attract more potential customers/visitors.

An absolute bliss working with Manisha – a dynamic woman in business.

We manage website for Manisha and both (M and us) are pretty happy with the growing volume of traffic we are able to attract towards the site through our digital marketing service.

The Google ads campaign we run for Manisha has been highly successful and generated impressive revenue towards all her events. Manisha has obtained a lot of new clients through Google Ads.

Google ads is productive sales tool if researched and planned properly. For productive marketing and sales, value added, focussed and distinguished branding for any business is extremely essential. Not every client will reach out immediately. If you are a small business you have to be even more careful and create profound recall factor. All business has varied customers, some are impulsive and some prefer investing time in research and finally reach out to people who impressed that customer.

We have been Manisha’s digital partner right from day one of her venture in digital space. Manisha is trusted service provider and we could subtly brand her on digital space. Why subtly? because we do not have the luxury to go bold as we do not have such thick wads of cash to invest in marketing. And one more thing is going slow also gives breathing space to create quality services which likewise contributes in branding. There is a higher probability to fall downward if we invest a lot in advertisement/marketing and unable to provide good quality work for any reason, be it short on resource or anything. It’s always better to build slow, only take that is comfortable to chew.