FSL Lighting

FSL Lighting is an e-store, catering to all the lighting requirement of Kuwait market. FSL Lighting caters to domestic, commercial and outdoor segments of Kuwait.

Especially now, during pandemic, a facility like this; online purchase of lighting products is helpful and convenient to Kuwait residents.

FSL Lighting is a single vendor e-store, selling products of FSL brand only. Making best of this requirement, we created/developed a cohesive web portal with sleek animation elevating brand authority of FSL.

From creative and marketing perspective, when company directors plan to build e-portal to sell products of a single brand only, brand builders like us make best use of this business plan in strengthening the brand value in the targeted geography, Kuwait being in this case.

Al-Aiban group reached out to us for an eCommerce web portal to sell their products locally in Kuwait


  • UI
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce web application development
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Optimising Page Speed

Screen Record of FSL Lighting Web Portal

FSL Kuwait e-store

FSL is an eCommerce single vendor, multi-lingual (English/Arabic), responsive e-store that sells FSL Lighting in Kuwait. On a browser, this developed e-shop opens with crisp and quick js animation which offers a warm welcome to the buyer. Based on our user centred analysis, we have smartly organised and listed plethora of lighting products in this multi-lingual portal in such a way that our Kuwaiti buyers are not overwhelmed and receives pleasant shopping experience of the portal. While building eCommerce portals we have to always factor these delicate emotions of the buyers and be reconfirmed that the buyers receive effortless shopping experience. This effortless shopping experience comes only when we invest time to structure, organise and test the site for user experience.

Imajine's world class ecommerce website for Kuwait business
Imajine built an apt e-store for Al-Aiban Group to sell products in Kuwait

Why WordPress and Woocommerce for FSL Kuwait?

FSL Kuwait co-founder reached out to us with a requirement for multi-lingual, single vendor eCommerce application to sell FSL Lighting products to Kuwait locals. The requirement included sale, discount, coupons along with regular priced products. As the required e-store had pretty straight forward sales objective without much dependencies, we chose Woocommerce.

Fast loading animations in the site adds great value, impresses and gives profound experience to the buyer. For FSL we have also created a globe of lights, extremely appealing to the viewer. All the animations are responsive and crisp in all the devices.

We have implemented geo-based variable shipping cost for this multi-lingual eCommerce web portal and integrated Hesabe Payment Gateway for the same.

Best website designer/developer for Kuwait business

And the client said

Working with Imajine for transforming the buying experience for FSL Lighting Kuwait was very engaging and enriching. Imajine helped FSL lay the envisaged digital end-state which we visualized and transformed this via enhanced user experience. Am impressed with their level of expertise and the support extended. Imajineweb is a valued partner in our digital journey.

Abdullah Al Aiban
FSL Lighting