Construction Anlyst Start-up based in California

ConstructivIQ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup, founded by industry veterans in construction technology, cloud software and analytics and backed by investors with deep expertise in construction.

We had the opportunity to work with this start-up and build their logo, stationery and a clean and chic website.

WordPress website design and development by Imajine web solutions for US based Real Estate Data Analytics firm

The strategic idea behind the logo that we created for the brand represents ‘Construction’, ‘Analytics’ and ‘IQ’.

Analytics is all data/numbers presented in graphs and pie charts.

The basic structure created for the logo is the combination of C and Q from ‘Construction’ and ‘IQ’, and we masked the pie chart to this structure.

Though we have included so many elements to the brand logo, it still stays clean, crisp, chic and it could easily be read as alphabet ‘C’. Further simplifying the brand, we included the logo as part of the company name.

Logo design and branding ideas by Imajine web solutions for US based Real Estate data analytics firm

We also got to create a very smart stationery design for this project and the team is super happy with this creative project.