Al Aman

Kuwait, being an economically rich country, Kuwait origin locals show interest and choose high in quality luxury products.

Kuwait local business make sure the aesthetics of their shops/stores are chic and the decorum is prim and proper.

Al Aman; one among the very few ecommerce store selling luxury water in Kuwait chose to develop a site that is truly unique, chic, a site that impresses the buyer by creating immediate trust and brand authority among buyers.

We did exactly that, we developed an UI for this e-store that whispered – this is Luxury and it is you.

Ecommerce website portal development experts for Kuwait


  • UI
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce web application development
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Optimising Page Speed

Screen Record of Al Aman Ecommerce Web Portal

Al Aman e-store

Al Aman is an eCommerce, multi-lingual, responsive web portal that showcases/sells Italian Dolomia luxury water in Kuwait. This eCommerce web portal is modern, classy and provides an out of the box experience to the site visitor.

Why WordPress and Woocommerce for Al Aman?

The requirement was a single page, single vendor eCommerce application to sell products of one brand only. The requirement included sale, discount along with regular priced products. Geography being Kuwait, the application should cater to both English and Arabic speaking buyers. As it was a small site with pretty straight forward sales objective, we decided to go with Woocommerce.

HTML5/CSS3/js animation and infograph

Water being a healer and calmer, her subtle presence in the site definitely elevates user’s experience, every smiling site visitor is an accomplishment by itself. We have created a beautiful, interactive, subtle water ripple effect animation using javascript and also made sure the site loads in a jiffy.

Little Animations

This animation video you see (left) was suppose to just be a crisp information graphic for easy understanding of mineral water’s natural filtration at Dolomites. To spruce up the experience we scripted water droplet dripping animation to get collected in Dolomia container, then.. then we decided to include water bouncing effect in the container. Little elements like these took the graphic to next level of experience. Subtle animations and transitions makes Al Aman site what it is today.

Why Cloud hosting?

Considering future potential to scale the business and to manage/balance the traffic inflow we chose Amazon cloud to host this Application.

Ecommerce website portal development experts for Kuwait

Purchase and Shipping

We have integrated Hesabe Payment Gateway to process payment on purchase. Payment will be made in Kuwaiti Dinars. The shipment charge is dynamic and is calculated based on regions like Kuwait CBD and outskirts.


Dolomia water is definitely a luxury product, because it is purest mineral water, lot of effort and patience has been invested to collect this pure water from the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dolomia, as a brand respects both source and consumer that is mother earth and every Dolomia water consuming human body.

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And the client said

It was a pleasure working with Imajineweb ( for designing and developing Al Aman’s ecommerce website portal. Imajine was able to understand our requirements and translate that in to a very enriching and experiential ecommerce site for us. The Imajine team supported us throughout the journey (and still continue to) and helped us reach our digital ambitions. I am extremely happy with their service and will recommend them as a trusted advisor and developed for any opportunities.

Yousef Al Aiban
Al Aman Kuwait