Branding, logo and graphic design for Kuwait based Maritime company
Branding Kuwait start-up

We designed this clean, corporate, professional logo and stationery for a Kuwait start-up. And here’s sharing the illustration behind the idea for ‘United Group Company’ logo.

Illustration for UGC branding for Kuwait

Business partners of UGC maritime in Kuwait wanted a corporate logo in blue. Color palette was one element of the logo that all partners agreed with, there was slight different perspective otherwise because UGC founding team comprised of elderly Kuwaiti and younger generation Kuwaiti business partners. The expectation is varied among the team members considering the age difference.

Post our discussion with them we realised logo should be conventional yet new age. This was a challenging project and we patiently picked their thoughts/ideas, evaluated the common ideas from the team, and met our goal. We did present a couple of more logo options than what we had signed up for. We closed the project with a modern, flat and creatively represented silhouette of ship-anchor logo that pleased the team.

Using the logo across different stationery elements, either in monochrome or in its original shades of blue looks chic and impressive.

Smart branding of maritime corporate logo, Kuwait
Branding across office accessories, Kuwait

Kuwait is such a volatile market and there are so many start-ups or new organisations that gets registered on a day-to-day basis. Registered business goes from big organisations to individuals, could be technology company, banking, finance, educators, business consultants, trainers, small business, beauticians, selling luxury products, local products, could be just about anything. Hence the logo design opportunity is also extremely high in Kuwait.