Sarang Phytochem

Best logo for ecommerce store
Sarang Phytochem is a brand new product company selling herbs and spices for customers across the globe, a huge percentile of their products are exported to Europe, Asia and America. With quality maintained high, the requirement and customer base only compounds. We, Imajine is a privileged partner to Sarang and we are their one stop service provider for all their digital and print requirement such as logo design, stationery, website (design/development), packaging and marketing material design.
Imajine brands a product company that exports natural herbs and spices across the globe
Imajine illustrates package design for international herbal products
Imajine's designed Business card for international herbal products
We are presently building their ecommerce store and the portal will be up soon. The co-founders of Sarang are innovative and super cool breed of humans.