Exponential Digital Solutions

Branding, WordPress website development for an RPA firm by Imajine web solutions
Brand Identity creation for an start-up in RPA space based out of Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, India

Branding 10xDS

Branding an international RPA start-up company 10xDS was an enticing opportunity that came our way. The corporate name ‘Exponential Digital Solutions’ chosen for this company presented their objective clear and loud. Our job was to create a logo which gave visual authority to this corporate objective and we did just that. We created an internationally appealing, high in class, unique and smart logo for 10xDS which is loved by all <3.


  • Corporate logo creation
  • Website Design
  • Optimising Page Speed
  • Website enhancement

We are 10xDS partner, we built their website. We work with 10xDS in all their website related requirement.

They are one beautiful team. And it’s awesome to be an extended arm of 10xDS, international brand. 10xDS is based out of Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and India.

Exponential Digital Solutions in short 10xDS is a start-up focussed on Digital Solutions for corporates. We had a great opportunity to design their logo and build website. We built their corporate website in WordPress CMS.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress