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Imajine is a brand of possibility, a right turn for a left, a cartwheel for a jog, a roller-coaster for a tram. We are not just another stick in the mud and we always aspire to be more than “Traditional”, to stay unique and to collaborate with clients on an unprecedented level of openness, an expectation of tandem and an aspiration of success.

Let us be your backbone, your soil, your power.

Imagine the possibilities, Imagine ‘Imajine’.


  1. 1 Objective
  2. 2 Research
  3. 3 Design
  4. 4 Develop
  5. 5 Testing
  6. 6 Deploy


In this phase, we learn client's objective and gather all the project requirement from the client. Client needn't speak technical language, it's their business idea they would be sharing with us. This phase gives us the direction to the research phase.


Based on our understanding, we study the industry, business and the end user of the product/service. If it is a development project, we also finalise on the technical tools that best suit the project implementation. We define the complete scope of work and share a detailed proposal with the client.


We will finalise on the basics such as colour palette, fonts, the theme we choose to follow and create all the design elements of the project. If it's a pure design project, we are like 90% done at this stage and if it's a development project, we may have reached at 30-45% of the project.


Development work commences based on the finalised/signed-off design. We commence this phase by getting the environment ready, develop the site/application and make it responsive.


Testing is one big part of the project where everybody is involved (both client and our team). Testing is very critical so it's not just conducted post development phase, it is also conducted at regular milestones during the development phase.


We will deploy the application to live environment. It again goes through the testing phase. We also provide a warranty period to fix any bugs discovered

We are an awesome family

A family of experienced website designers and web application developers, with each team member having a minimum of 10+ years of work experience. We have had and continue to have the opportunity to work with several interesting clients, be it Consultants, Start-up firms, Small Business, Product and Service sectors, E-Commerce websites with payment gateway integrations. Have worked with several payment gateways from across the world. We have worked on long term contract projects such as SEO, Google Ads, website enhancements and maintenance projects.

We are an ideal partner for business who choose to offload their complete online web presence work to a professional website design company. By partnering with us on a long term contract, our clients get an evergreen website abreast with latest technologies, trends and secure. We are a team of coders too, we develop web applications in PHP and WordPress CMS. Write to us with your requirement (Enquiry form below), we can schedule a quick 15min telephone or Skype call to discuss your requirement.

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