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Building and maintaining website

Regular website updates,Regular backups,Update website look & feel, Landing page creation for SEO


Update content

Fresh website content, four blog posts per month, content for social media


Graphic design

For blog articles, Ad campaigns, website content, social media



Keyword research, Website analysis,Competitor analysis, bidding strategy, create and monitor PPC, Monitoring social media marketing and build strategies,


We guaranty

Quality of work, timely delivery, SPOC to the business owner


FSL Lighting

Working with Imajine for transforming the buying experience for FSL Lighting Kuwait was very engaging and enriching. Imajine helped FSL lay the envisaged digital end-state which we visualized and transformed this via enhanced user experience. Am impressed with their level of expertise and the support extended. Imajineweb is a valued partner in our digital journey.
Abdullah Al Aiban

Al Aman

It was a pleasure working with Imajineweb ( for designing and developing Al Aman's ecommerce website portal. Imajine was able to understand our requirements and translate that in to a very enriching and experiential ecommerce site for us. The Imajine team supported us throughout the journey (and still continue to) and helped us reach our digital ambitions. I am extremely happy with their service and will recommend them as a trusted advisor and developed for any opportunities.
Yousef Al Aiban
We have build websites for Denmark based Professional in Fashion Industry

Annette Meyer

It has been such a great pleasure to work with Imajine. You have perfectly modifying my existing website, as well made the site into two separate websites. During our collaboration you have shown a great understanding of my requirements and wishes and brought them into reality. It has been so easy to communicate with you and I am very pleased with the result. I look forward to future collaboration with Imajine on further development and design of my websites. For sure I can warmly recommend Imajine to anyone working professionally in the creative field.
Annette Meyer
Fashion Industry

Angela T. Muskat

It's a great pleasure to work with Imajine and I am truly happy with the new life they did breathe into my website.
Angela T. Muskat
Access Consciousness Facilitator
WordPress website -

Manisha Lomash

"Thank you so much Imajine for creating a website that embodies my vision. You really delivered a site that is clean, concise and clutter free. The best part of working with you guys was that you not only understood what I was looking for, but you made it 10 times better by your inputs and feedbacks. Thank you so much for putting in your love and warmth in your work it’s very rare! I am looking forward to my next project with you."
Manisha Lomash
Healing Facilitator

CUBE Architects

Thank you for the website you have created for CUBE. We as an architectural firm were very particular about the design and quality of the website but your flexibility, responsiveness, and understanding of our requirements and delivery of the same are highly appreciated. Thank you for going over and above to make sure we knew what was going on all the way through. We would strongly recommend working with Imajine to everyone, not only for their professionalism, creativity and talent, but also their approach to their clients. Thank you and Good Luck!
Adithi Bhawal

Eko Blocks

As a first time entrepreneur it was a fantastic experience working with Imajine and Jayanti Varma, who took a great deal of interest in my website and branding of my company Ekoblocks.They broke down the entire process in a simplified manner at the same time never loosing sight of my company's needs and objectives which were always at the forefront. All in all it was a wonderful experience with timely delivery and an exceptional understanding of Ekoblocks's needs . I would definitely recommend Imajine to anyone who wants an innovative, original design, customised solution and a hassle free experience to have to business needs met. From a website all the way to visiting cards it was comprehensive branding solution.
Vivek Joseph
Co-Founder: Eko Blocks, Khan Saheb-Grills and Rolls


I could not endorse Jayanthi more highly. She delivers premium quality in a timely fashion for very reasonable fees. She is extremely hardworking, completely reliable, and very creative. But, perhaps the best part is that she is just a pure joy with whom to work! Though separated by thousands of miles, I developed a wonderful friendship with Jayanthi through our work together that endures to this day. She is "one of the good ones."
Gregg Alexander, D.O.
Health Nuts Media, private practice Pediatrician, HIT advocate/consultant/blogger

Panama Wave

I have been delighted with Jayanthi and the work of "Imajine". She worked quickly and effectively to help me get up a new web site and a blog under a deadline. I am very pleased with the results, as are my site and blog visitors, and look forward to working with her in the future!
Bob Adams

Madeira Plus

“Working with Jayanthi was positive proof that distance is no limitation in this business. She is in India, while I am based in Portugal, and the work went ahead far more smoothly and professionally that if I had been dealing with someone in the next building. Her understanding of my needs was fantastic, and the result was more effective......”
Manuel Caldeira

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