How to Access phpMyAdmin using an SSH tunnel Or PuTTy

AWS | PHPMyAdmin | Putty

Now that we know ‘How to set up a WordPress website on AWS setup’, let’s learn how to access phpMyMyAdmin using PuTTy. If you have not installed PuTTy yet, click here.
Now, be ready with

  1. IP address of your server
  2. Bitnami application’s default password. This is your phpMyAdmin login password.
  3. The private key

Let’s start

  1. Open PuTTy

    tutorial on to access AWS PHPMyAdmin through Putty
  2. Add your IP Address
  3. Save the session
  4. Go to SSH -> Auth
  5. Upload your key file
  6. Go to SSH -> Tunnels
  7. Click on Add
  8. Go to Data
  9. Enter Auto login username
  10. Go to Session and save the session
  11. Open the session and you will see
    Accessing Bitnami through command prompt
  12. Use to login to your phpMyAdmin
    easy steps to access AWS PHPMyAdmin
  13. Login using username: root and password: your default WordPress login password.

And that’s it! You can now access phpMyAdmin of your AWS Bitnami WordPress setup.