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Custom logo for food industry

When I hear the word ‘Mysore’, the first picture that pops up in my mind and in many other people I know is the Grand Mysore Palace which will mostly be followed by the Ambari aane (elephant) of dasara procession on the last day of Navarathri.

India is rich in heritage, culture, mythology and is carved by unique identities across different states and cities, these identities are formed and evolved over many centuries highly influenced by invaders and also how the natives chose to absorb the culture of these invaders.

Branding food industry business

When the client approached us for a logo design to represent their restaurant which will be based out of North India cooking delicacies of Princely State of Mysore, the logo was already etched in our minds ‘Ambari aane’, what else can portray the distinct identity of Mysore, presently known as Mysuru.

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