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We designed this professional and warm logo for a school portal.

My Nurture Idea is a school portal to document child’s activities and marksheets, basically documenting every activity of child at school.

This school portal has three registered user types- school admin, parent and contributor.

Contributors can be anybody – teachers, parents, children psychologists, paediatricians etc.

All the articles submitted by the contributors will be reviewed by the school and approved articles will be published in the portal and also shared in newsletters.

Imajine worked on UI/UX for this school portal project. Imajine had the opportunity to conduct focused group interviews with parents.

We conducted a couple of focused group interviews as the parent’s requirement would be different based on the child’s age.

Conducting interviews with parents could be a little energy draining exercise because parents have varied perspectives, expectations and some have overwhelming emotions. Interviewers should have the knack to stay detached and have the talent to politely change the conversation or close the topic. Interviewers should give an opportunity for parents to freely express their point of views and subtly deviate them to different topics or close the conversation. This exercise requires a lot of patience and maturity.

We created UI design based on all the information gathered in focused group interviews.

We put across these mock-up designs to another set of parents asking them to conduct a particular task and we observed them through the activity. We recorded the duration taken to perform the given task, understand if it was difficult for them to do the same. These kind of observation helps us iterate the designs if required.

Creating User centred interface design for this school portal opened and exposed us to a universe of parenting. We were mere channels designing parent’s expectations.

A beautiful experience.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

And this is what ‘My Nurture Idea’ management said about our service to them..

“Imajine was imaginative in bringing out the elements of Nurture preschool children in the photography. The best part was they understood pretty well what we stood for as an organisation and matched it well. At hindsight we felt Imajine has the ability to bring out elegance in a subtle manner without being loud in their work.”


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