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Designing marketing material brochures, folders and flyers for an training institute in Singapore

Corporate events in Singapore is an opportunity for all the sales and marketing people to interact, share information about their brand, service and explore the opportunity to collaborate. These interacting events are extremely popular and well utilised by sales executives. This brochure we designed for an event that was conducted at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. We have designed graphics and illustrations for several other organisations in Singapore because events are very popular and gets conducted almost every other day. The design, print quality and even the paper quality gets noticed and highly appreciated in Singapore. These printed marketing material plays a subtle role in branding the event organiser, service provider and the business.

Imajine designs high quality logos for Singapore corporates

Imajine creates professional, fast loading, responsive corporate websites for Singapore

Pixel perfect design for Singapore market

All graphic design for marketing material design for Singapore events


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