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We are the branding partner for start-up restaurant business – Dosa Master.

We work towards creating logos that not only fit the client’s requirement, also reflect their business most impressively. Our creative team makes sure to create logos that are simple, smart and trendy. Logo is the face of your business and it stays for the longest period of the business life.

We make sure to invest time to create logos for clients. There is nothing like seeing our clients smile and be proud to be associated with their logo.

Its sheer joy that we are able to create these awesome brand identities for our clients and we choose to get better with each coming projects.

An apt and appropriate colour palette for south Indian food restaurant

There couldn’t have been better colour palette for an Indian restaurant logo. Indian food is so full of species and almost all Indian food has turmeric and red chilli powder in them, hence red and yellow :). And the client just loved the logo, how does it get better than that? 🙂


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