Online coaching web application

Do you have a vision to own a website that showcases your services and conduct online paid classes, dissolve the boundaries of your reach?

Do you imagine branding yourself/academy and reach out to maximum potential students?

Imagine the possibilities, Imagine ‘Imajine’.

With Imajine’s Personalised Tutor Management Application (PTMA) you can accomplish the below tasks and much more-


Create any number of courses/lessons


Conduct test along with lesson/s


Course with single/multiple instructors


Paid and free courses


Live or recorded courses


Receive payment both online or offline (eCommerce site)

Are you considering online coaching as your primary revenue generating model?

Then own a teaching app that is 100% yours and represents you in the digital arena. Brand and promote your services both online and offline.

Do you worry about not being technically sound and unsure about managing your site content?

Let us assure you that our tool is extremely easy to use and we also provide free one on one online training session to train you on how to manage your content and courses.


And what magic will Imajine do to get 'Personalised Tutor Management Application' site live in 5 working days?

Day 1, we will throw some bean seeds in your backyard and rest of the 4 days we will watch it take shape :D.

Silly joke 😉 , but guess what? You can play the role of throwing beans by simply purchasing the app and watch us perform magic.

OK for real, what will Imajine do?

Imajine will-

1. Install WordPress CMS in your web host and set the environment
2. Will install our ready-to-use PTMA web application
3. Will customise the look/feel of the site to match your brand colours and fonts
4. Add/include up to five static web pages, such as "About us", "FAQ", "Contact us"
5. Integrate your payment gateway
6. Will train you to manage the site content, add/edit course
7.And will provide you well articulated, easy to understand training material

If you have any other concerns and if we have missed addressing the same, please do write to us with your query/concern and we will revert to you at the earliest.

1Who should own PTMA web app?

Teachers/coaches who chooses online training as their long-term profession.

2 How does self-owned PTMA web application help?

There are several reasons for the same. Here’s sharing some handful reasons –
1. When you are on a paid subscription in teacher’s listing web portal to showcase/sell your service, you are definitely strengthening the authority of the portal. Its mutually benefitted; you are contributing to strengthen their brand and also getting quick exposure to potential students. No matter how many years you are paying them for the service to showcase your portfolio, courses and credentials, the month you stop paying your subscription, you seize to exist in the digital world, neither Google nor any potential student can find you.With self-owned website, your course/s are always available in the digital world. Even if you take a short break, your services are accessible by search engines, you never disappear. The longer your services are available in the web, the more trust you earn by search engines. Please note – website hosting rentals are economical too.
2. When you rely on the third-party portals to sell your services, you are dependent on them. They may increase their subscription rates; they may change the listing algorithm. They may even shut down someday. The situation is synonyms to living in a rented house/apartment. Rented place is good for short term right.

3Does PTMA help my organic growth?

Definitely yes! One thing you should know is organic growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s more like building a home, brick by brick. Similarly, you earn student’s trust by providing free access to useful content. Write articles/blog posts in your site. If you are successful in providing good solution/tips, students will find you. Make a note, these articles are one-time investment at your end.

Example: If you are finance teacher and own your PTMA web app. You would list out your courses on ‘Shares’, ‘Futures and Options’ etc. You have two ways to promote your course/s – through ‘paid ads’/’organically’. Paid ads give quicker results but gets extremely heavy on pocket. Growing organically is slow, it’s more of ‘time spent’ than cash. Organic promotions will surely yield good result if you faithfully and creatively create genuine content, post it in your website and other channels like Social media handles and YouTube. The quality of content you create; creates your brand. If your content adds value, you earn a loyal student. They will surely revisit your articles and may also enroll for your course/s.

4 How do I grow organically?

You can grow organically by providing useful tips to your present/potential student/s. Write articles in your site explaining the tips you are sharing. Create videos and post them on YouTube and link back to your site, to your course/s. Make your posts fun and interesting. Be clear on who you are conveying your message to.

If you are a shy person, you will surely create 100 genuine reasons to avoid promoting yourself organically.
One simple example – “oh my! Seeing my video/article, wouldn’t my uncle’s friend’s nephew’s classmate judge me and what if they don’t like it”.

Well, note the point – None of them are your target audience. If growth is your sheer objective, create good content/article/posts and attract your target students. That’s all what matters.

Your brand and services get stronger if you are able to attract more visitors who choose to stay in your site and go through your entire article.

Your visitor’s behaviour is monitored by search engines and it lists you accordingly.

5 I am presently coaching on different online teaching portals, Should I leave them all and focus only on my site?

No, I wouldn’t suggest you to leave initially. Both, teaching through other portals and adding courses/blog articles in your site/social media handles should run in parallel.

Share information about your interesting/relevant courses listed in your website with your students. This way, you can nudge your students to enroll to interesting course/s in your website. If your course/s add value to them, they will definitely refer you to other students.

This is just one tip to build your student base. You can stay creative and experiment many other ideas. Once you are self sufficient, you can let go of other portals.

6 Is building this tool expensive and time consuming?

No. This ready to use tool is economical and will be deployed to your site in a week’s time.

7 What are the other ways to build student base?

More the merrier! If you have friends and colleagues who are also interested in online teaching (doesn’t matter which subject). They can join your website as instructors. They can create their courses, write articles on the site. This activity will surely strengthen the credibility of your site. Which will lead to more content, more inflow of students, more converts and eventually you can be one of Google’s fav too.

Installation of WordPress CMS
Integration of our LMS tool
Customising the look of the site with your brand colour palette and fonts
Payment Gateway integration
Quarterly website maintenance
1. Website back-up
2. WordPress CMS update
3. Plugins and theme update
Complementary 2 hour training

The above information and demo should give you clarity on the features of our online PTMA tool. If your service/business requires additional features in your site that is over and above our PTMA packages (Gold/Platinum). Please write to us with your requirement, we will go through the same and provide you with best possible solution.

Please Note:

The above package is for PTMA website creation and does not include website domain name and hosting purchase.

If you have not registered/purchased website domain name and hosting, nothing to worry, we can help you purchase the same from a third party vendor.

And if you are unaware of what domain name and hosting is, again nothing to worry, you are not the only one with no knowledge about the same. We are here to help you out, we can explain the same over a call/email.

The website maintenance work in ‘Platinum’ package is valid for one year only. Post first year, website maintenance will cost USD400/annum for ‘Platinum’ package holders.

Share in your info and we can get started with your project immediately