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We use scenarios at all stages of application development.

Scenarios play significant role both during design (early and later design stages) and usability testing phase of the application development.

Scenarios help us understand:

  1. Task flow
  2. Verify tasks
  3. Inter connected or related tasks
  4. User’s perspective
  5. Persuasive elements
  6. User’s situation
  7. Emotional influences
  8. Cognitive approach


Advantages of Scenarios:

  1. Provides broader understanding of user
  2. Puts everything on paper and provides better clarity for the team
  3. Helps you churn out all possibilities of user’s situation and their outlook


Scenarios should include:

  1. What user wants
  2. Critical tasks for both – business and user
  3. Must include complicated and interconnected takes



Scenarios can be simple and short at the earlier stages of design/development. Once the product/application is midway or starts taking shape, you can elaborate scenarios to capture deeper and broader data.

Example on how to practically implement Scenario