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Working with 10xDS co-founders on their logo design project was so much fun (an highly self complimenting team coming from different professions like Accounting, Sales, HR and Technology). Each one of them had very different taste and outlook towards branding, which made the project all the more interesting.

Our objective was to understand the collective interest/perspective they shared towards their business brand and create a logo that will always stay close to their heart. Trust me, it was a fun ride; as we were ourselves; high on creative juice, passionate, patient and present.

We created many many many logos for them. When we presented our first set of logo options, the feedback we received were so diverse. Some preferred bright colours and some monotone, some wanted simple and some preferred a lot of elements. It got more exciting with every iteration and every fresh design. We were discovering them, they were discovering themselves and each other.

And finally, we made it! We as a team created 10xDS logo that is close to all our hearts.

Logo is never created by a designer, logo is created by every member who owns it. Logo vibrates owner’s attitude, owner’s energy. We as designers are just tools and you as entrepreneurs create your logo through us.

So what is your attitude? and what do you want your logo to convey? write to us with your enquiry, Imajine is always here to help every client, be it Logo design or Website development.


Here you go, sharing below is some of the logos we created for 10xDS also known as Exponential Digital Solutions

Imajine Logo Portfolio

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