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Al Aman


Al Aman is an Ecommerce multi-lingual responsive web portal that sells Italian Dolomia water products in Kuwait. This ecommerce web portal is modern, classy and provides an out of the box experience to the site visitor.

Water being a healer and calmer, her subtle presence in the site definitely elevates user’s experience, every smiling site visitor is an accomplishment by itself. We have created a beautiful, interactive, subtle water ripple effect animation using javascript and also made sure the site loads in a jiffy. Created crisp infograph to convey the natural water filtration process ‘Dolomia‘ product goes through at Dolomites, this clean and crisp infographic representation of the product definitely impresses the buyer and adds value to the product.

Dolomia water is an expensive product and the expected site visitors are rich Kuwaitis. Interactive elements in Al Aman site is subtle and profound, sure to impress the multi-lingual target buyers.

We have integrated Hesabe Payment Gateway for Al Aman Ecommerce, single vendor multi-lingual (English and Arabic) responsive web portal.


Ecommerce website for business with payment gateway integrated for the same



FSL is an Ecommerce website that sells FSL Lightings for Kuwait region.
Its a multi-lingual, responsive web portal with amazing user experience, the site opens up with quick, crisp animation. Little things like these adds value, impresses and gives profound experience to the buyer. All our animations load quickly as they are build on js.

We have smartly organised and listed plethora of lighting products in this multi-lingual portal in such a way that our Kuwaiti buyers are not overwhelmed and receives pleasant shopping experience of the portal. While building ECommerce portals we have to always factor these delicate emotions of the buyers and be reconfirmed that the buyers receive effortless shopping experience.

We have implemented geo-based variable shipping cost for this multi-lingual ecom web portal and integrated Hesabe Payment Gateway for the same.


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Purchasing plumbing material over internet or direct is extremely overwhelming for around 70% – 80% of the buyers, as that large percentage of people are usually first-time house owners.

We made plumbing material purchase easy for every buyer.

This multi-vendor Ecommerce portal architecture and sales modal was created based on our very productive interview with three segment of people – House owners, Architects and Wholesale dealers which helped us immensely in segregating the products based on number of baths in the house, based on cost range. So on the whole we chose to sell a whole lot of combo deals which turned out to be totally effective and extremely helpful to buyer.

Our ‘User Centred Analysis’ activity played a huge role in the success of this Ecommerce portal.


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WATHIF is a Kuwait based recruitment business, and this 100% illustration based, responsive  web portal has three user types – Super Admin, Employer and Candidate (local Kuwaiti candidates and overseas job seekers).

Employers and local candidates can register free of cost in this Ecommerce based recruitment web portal.

This portal/business follows service based revenue model. Employer can share in their requirement and request WATHIF’s paid service to head-hunt local/overseas candidates.

The protocol followed for local and overseas recruitment is slightly different as the overseas recruitment demands additional verification. The portal is developed to effortlessly cater to both local/overseas recruitment process. The portal documents every step involved in the recruitment process and keeps Employer up-to-date.

All the portals user types gets illustration based, convenient and easy to use frontend dashboard so that they can effortlessly use the portal and meet their objective.

For payment purpose, we have used KNET based Payment Gateway.


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Arundhati Astrology


Arundhati Astrology is ‘one woman show’. And her presence across the site is very important for branding and to increase recall factor. This site is purely an illustration based ecom website, with illustrations of Arundhati along with little quirky elements to spruce up the energy.  We took this site to next level my pushing the boundary and breaking the traditional concept of belief that astrology is/should be extremely serious and heavy topic of discussion.

We made this a fun portal so that Arundhati is able to attract people of all age groups.

For Arundhati Astrology, we have integrated RazorPay, PayU and Paypal.