Redesigning 10xDS website

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We had the opportunity to design 10xDS’s logo and their first website.

And two years later, 10xDS returned with a request to redesign their website. At this stage of 10xDS’s journey, they were 100+ in strength, their vision for their website had considerably evolved, they now desired content rich website with lot more information about their services, such as Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Innovation, Incubation etc.

Considering that we are now more of a family, considering that they respect and acknowledge their partners and we Imajine being cognisant of 10xDS’s core team’s busy schedule and their vision for new website, site that will demand constant attention.

Hmm.. Well, no desire comes with a user’s manual, and as we were hired to shape that desire for our client, 10xDS. We definitely choose to respond generously towards our responsibility of website development and foresee its future too. We highlighted critical website actions that deserves attention, actions that will nudge and lead the site to longer and better journey.

We sat them down and organised their ambitious desire for website. Took a small break and created a dedicated team from within 10xDS for website content and UI.

Considering that their new website’s sitemap had way many branches, the site had lot of pages. we made sure there was not a single page that was created blank or had dummy content. We demanded content, because the possibility of revisiting already created pages is slim. The possibility of procrastination is higher. That would lead to patchy site. We don’t envision that for 10xDS or for any of our clients.

We have been in this business of website development since 2003, this is part of us. Every muscle of our body is in-tuned to understand and organise the development process.

As always, every project is unique, every project broadens our perspective, gives something new, grounds us and opens us further in the space of clarity and awareness.

As the story goes, re-designing 10xDS website too was very interesting. Along with driving the site development, we got to learn so much from their team too and hell yes, how does it get better than that.

Along with all the above, technical flow of work – designing, developing CMS WordPress website, making it responsive, deploying the site to Live URL, optimising the site for google, page speed, etc etc everything went as scheduled and finally, training 10xDS team to work around the website and final handing-over this corporate and smart baby site happened.

All done! And We had a gala time working with 10xDS. It was a very interesting project/journey for us.

Thank you 10xDS.