Making of UGC Logo

Branding Kuwait start-up

A Brand to Sea

A brand identity that is sure to sail many nautical miles, clear as ocean and a vet to fill-in the future business verticals.

United Group Company start-up is based out of Kuwait and they wanted us to create a logo design that is generic, best logo that conveys marine business and logo that could be easily used for future business verticals.

We decided to play around with three elements – water, ship and anchor

Element and concept for logo design

Along with playing around with these elements we also played around with UGC of United Group Company.

This start-up comprised of Arab co-founders in varied age groups that is mid 20s to early 50s. Am sure you are getting the point, the perspective and taste is very different.

The logo should be trendy, yet conservative. Below are a couple of sketches we worked on for this project.