Which website slideshow is latest and best?

Slider Revolution from Theme Punch is my personal favourite. I love it. Been using slider revolution for the longest.

What is revolution slider in WordPress?

Revolution slider is the most popular slider plugin used in WordPress. It is a paid plugin. Most of the WP themes available to purchase will have revolution slider by default. The Revolution slider we get along with themes does have a lot of features available to use. If you choose to explore Revolution slider’s premium features, you can purchase Revolution slider’s premium plugin to unlock all their features and avail their support too.

Features I love about Revolution slider:

  1. Slider dimension – (A) You can opt your slider to stretch across the screen, as in 100% width and height (B) Predefine your slider dimension (C) Pre-define the content area of your slider (D) You can set your slider dimension for all devices – smart phone, notepad.
  2. Slider background – (A) Solid background (B) image background (C) Video background from – Youtube, Vimeo, any url
  3. Image effects – Just like how we edit/add filters to pictures on smartphones, Slider Revolution provides similar feature! how cool is that?
  4. Blend mode – Yes blend mode! Revolution slider has advanced blend modes similar to Instagram. They apply CSS3 blend modes to layers and give this absolute cool effect to the image.
  5. Text background – Text can go on Revolution Slider’s background with advanced features to change text font size, change text colour, add/edit text background colour.
  6. Coloured overlays – You can add coloured overlays to the slides for extra styling and for much cooler effects.
  7. Advance CSS – You can now add your own styles too
  8. Animation – You have a lot of predefined animations and loop animation effects. These animation effects are all so clean and crisp.
  9. Objects – Ready to use icons
  10. Premium templates, Add-ons.
  11. Button to scroll down

With Revolution slider, you can easily create simple slider to the most complex one you can imagine.

They deserve to be up there. They are constantly evolving and coming up with so many awesome new features.

To use all their awesome add-ons, you should have their purchase ID key. If you have got revolution slider as part of your theme, you will not have access to add-ons and premium features/templates. So as mentioned above, for premium features, purchase their premium license.

Theme punch has documented crisp tutorials to implement all their awesome features of slider tool. Click here to find Revolution slider’s complete documentation.

Thank you ThemePunch!



By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.