Suggest down payment in website for your service

We have built websites for a couple of clients who list their events, classes and consultation booking through websites.

The main issue with these services is that, people book slot/s for sessions/classes and do not turn up or last-minute cancellation or at times they miss making the payment.

Obviously, this does not help the service provider.

To overcome this issue, we included down payment option in websites. Don’t we all humans value a commitment when it is made through money? 😀

If you are using PayPal as online payment service provider, Paypal does not support recurring payment option and there is no way you can divide billed amount into down and final payment at check-out.

We have two suggestions for you, provided your site is on WordPress, (A) Include a “down payment” plugin and/or (B) In service description section, include hyperlink (to your PayPal page) requesting “down payment”.

There are a couple of free WordPress “down payment” plugins available. Disadvantage being, they allow only one single amount as down payment for all your service listing. Which is kind of crazy if you have services at different price range.

Plugin feature explanation

If you add $100/- as down payment.

All your service listing will have two buttons

  1. For full payment
  2. For down payment

When you click on any of the “down payment” button, down payment of $100/- will be added into your check-out.

An advantage here is, you have the option of disabling “down payment” button for any of your service listing. If your service charges are below $100/- or does not require down payment, you can disable this button for that particular service and that service will only display one button – “Full Payment”.

Woo Deposit” is a paid plugin for down payment feature and is highly flexible and it will cost you between $40 – $50.