My WordPress website is hacked, and I see a lot of spam posts

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Generally, you come across this situation when your site is attached by a malware.

How to remove malware from my WordPress website?

To overcome malware issue from WordPress website, first delete all the spam posts.

Next, update your WordPress to the latest version. To do so, first login to your admin panel and in your admin dashboard, you will see ‘Update your site to latest WordPress version’.

Please Note: Before attempting to update your theme, make sure your WordPress theme is not very old, and you can still avail the latest version of your theme. Else there is a possibility of your theme to break your site.

Click on the update link and wait. It may take some time, please do not close your window. If you close the window, your WordPress version update will not complete and incomplete update is worse situation.

WordPress has the tendency not to intimate you about WordPress version update completion. If you have waited for long and want to understand the situation. Login to your site from a different browser and go to any page, check your visual composer or check your plugins.

If WordPress is updated, you will be intimated to update plugins that require updates. These are ways you understand that WordPress version is updated.

Don’t go by the fact that admin dashboard no longer requests for version update. ‘Update your site to latest WordPress version’ link will not show as soon as your WordPress starts update procedure. That doesn’t suggest that WordPress update is complete.

Also make sure you update all your plugins that requests to be updated.

Presently, when we update WordPress, Visual Composer get’s broken. That is because Visual Composer dev team have to update the plugin to WordPress’s latest version.

To rectify this issue, install classic editor plugin and activate the same.

And also, if you have any doubts that your system has any virus, make sure to change your WordPress admin login password and also, change your cpanel login password.

That’s about it. Observe your site for the next 2-3 days for spam posts. This should be resolved, and you should not be getting any.

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