How to set-up WordPress website in AWS (Amazon Web Server)

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There are quick and easy steps to create WordPress website on Amazon AWS.
WordPress Installation on AWS can be accomplished by using Bitnami WordPress Application in AWS Marketplace.

Please follow the step by step instruction shared below to install WP in your AWS Cloud.

STEP1: Register an account with AWS

If you do not have a registered AWS account, visit and create an account.
Please Note: You will also have to share your credit card information while registering. Do not worry, we will be choosing everything that is freely available on AWS and you will not be charged a thing.

STEP2: Create an EC2 instance

  1. Once you have logged in, on top navigation bar, click on “Services” and from the drop-down menu, select EC2.
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  2. Click on “Launch Instance” button
  3. Select “AWS Marketplace”
  4. Search for “WordPress
  5. Select WordPress certified by Bitnami
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  6. Click on “Continue”
  7. Now you are sent to ‘Choose an Instance Type’ page. Here please make sure to choose t2.micro.
    t2.micro instance type is completely free for the first year.
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  8. Select “Next: Configure and Instance details” button
  9. Under “Configure Instance Details” section, choose “Enable” in “Auto-assign Public IP” drop-down
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  10. Click on “Review and Launch”.
  11. Click on Launch, to deploy your instance
  12. Now, you will get a pop-up for “Key-pair”, to either select an existing one or create a new Key-Pair.
    Please note: The key-pair you choose or select here is extremely important. The key-pair you create here is a key bridge that connects your local machine to this WordPress website AWS instance. You will not get another opportunity to create another key-pair for this instance. So make sure to create one with relevant name, such as – “wordpress-ssh-key” and keep it safely in your machine.
  13. Select “Launch Instance” button.
  14. Yes! This completes the procedure to create WordPress website on AWS instance.

STEP3: Fetch your site URL and WP admin login credentials and access your site

  1. From your top navigation bar, click on “Services”, from the drop-down, select EC2.
  2. From the left side bar column, select instances.
  3. Right-click on your instance name, then on “Instance settings” and then on “Get System Log”.
  4. This will show-up many lines of code, scroll down to find “Bitnami Application Password”. Copy this password, store it in Notepad/Word and keep it safe, as this is your WP Admin login password. Once this password is copied, close this System Log pop-up.
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  5. Now from your instance row, copy your website IP address that comes under ”IPv4 Public IP”.
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  6. Open a new browser window, paste your IP address and click Enter to view your site.
  7. To access your WordPress site’s admin area, open URL – “your ip address/wp-login.php”.
  8. Your WordPress website Admin area login credentials –
    username – ‘user’
    password – “Bitnami application password” copied earlier from System log pop-up.

DONE! Your WordPress installation is now complete.

Please Note: Your website IP address is dynamic and will change at every instance restart. So in our next tutorial we will teach you on how to create static IP address, which is also known as Elastic IP.

Hope you liked our tutorial and it was easy to implement.