Conceptual Model Analysis for every business at every stage

If you choose to be open and creative, you can make use of Conceptual Design Model (CDM) for more than designing your product. If fact to market your business to your ideal awesome customers.

I shall give you one example, which will definitely cater to most of us here who are in situation such as (A) Running small business, (B) Been in the market for some time now,  (C) Looking for creative methods to market and grow the business.

If you are in the above mentioned situation, this article will work wonders for you.

Am sure, at this juncture in business, you would be interacting with many different kinds of clients. There are clients you love and also clients you prefer not to work with. Even we at Imajine, do have our favourites.

So what you will have to do is,

List down all the clients you have enjoyed working with.

List down all their interests, concerns, their age, their geography, their gender, their industry. You can add more to this list OK.

Once you paste all these information on your wall/board/table, You have so much clarity on the kind of clients you prefer to attract and work with.

Next, make plan on how will you market your service to these awesome clients you choose

You have two choices, organic marketing and paid marketing

Organic Marketing:

Choose topics from the your list of interests and concerns of your clients.

Write articles/blogs, create videos and tweet around these topics. Make sure to mentions the main keyword in the title of the topic. That will attract browsers to click and read the article. Share genuine and generous tips/suggestions.

Paid Marketing; Ad campaign:

For every campaign, choose geography, age-group and industry from your list.

Have faith and try this concept for at least 8 to 10 months. You will definitely see a whole lot of difference in your business.

Stay Open, Stay Creative and welcome Abundance!