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Building a brand identity for a start-up multi-national company Working with co-founders of 10xDS on their start-up business brand identity/logo design project was extremely interesting as we were working/interacting with people coming...

We were slightly late in accommodating Axure RP in our work space. Worth it and definitely recommend to all designers. Coming from design background, Axure RP was very easy to learn...

Parallax scrolling is an effect in websites where background moves slower/faster than foreground. Parallax tricks us, gives an illusion of depth in a webpage. It is a nice effect. Adds...

To create the best logo, you need not be the best graphic designer. Designers always gather logo requirement from the client before working on it. At times, “the client may not like...

We all want to be out there flaunting on the first page in Google, Bing and Yahoo! to welcome visitors to our site. However, and unfortunately for this to happen,...

We have worked on WordPress and several other CMS for a very long time now. Initial years in CMS world, we chose CMS (WP/Drupal/Joomla) for website projects based on the requirement...

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