What is Geo-Targeting and how does it help your website SEO?

Geo-Targeting is requesting search engines to list/display a particular webpage in a chosen geography.


When should you use Geo-Targeting?

When website is built in multiple languages.

Say for example-

You have built a site for two different audiences, English speaking and French speaking. To cater to both these audiences you have a website/s of same content in two different languages.

In this situation geo-targeting comes in handy. By geo targeting, you instruct google to display English content to English speaking audience and French content to French speaking audience.


How does geo-targeting work?

Geo-targeting checks for a couple of criteria before directing audience to relevant content.

  1. Geo-targeting checks reader’s location. If you are in France, boom, your French content shows up.
  2. Geo-targeting checks for reader’s language setting in the browser. This is particularly helpful if you have mixed crowd in a single location/geography. I am English speaking tourist/resident in France, so what will I prefer – “English content”.
  3. If the reader has chosen multiple languages in their browser. Geo-targeting checks the order at which language is chosen and will select the most appropriate language to display the content.

Isn’t geo-targeting helping us segregate content and being super useful to both website owners and website visitors.

How does Geo-Targeting help SEO?

It optimises our search result by just selecting one content for an audience. It doesn’t list/display same content in all language in your search result.

Geo-Targeting can also be useful in situations when you choose to display different data for different countries. Example – Sometimes your services charges or product price may vary for different locations/countries. In such situations you can  create different pricing pages for different locations and geo-target the same.

Geo-Targeting concept also plays an very important role in Google Ads, click here to know more about how Google Ads work.

Doesn’t this concept make our life so much simpler?



By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.