Localize for global presence

Google and other search engines are definitely helping us (startups and SMEs) in many ways to foray our business into multiple countries through our digital web/online presence and expand our business across the globe.

Google’s support to localise our global presence:
1. Location and Language ISO Standards
2. Hosting site on local servers of different countries
3. Pointing site to targeted country through google developer console
4. Sub-domain/dedicated domain recognition for each country

We have multiple options to set up our presence digitally across the globe. The question is, Is that sufficient to bring in international business?

Definitely not. Because ultimately we are trying to gain trust of a human. A Human to human connection plays a critical role here to sell our services.

Guess, one solution is, along with our digital web presence, we should also consider having local representative in each of this region, very essential to build business and gain trust.

And, next is how to get that local representative? How to build that community where all of us gain from each other?

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