How Website Maintenance contribute towards meeting your business goals?

Do you purchase a pretty plant, admire and leave it in your backyard to self nourish and yield you fruits and flowers?


Do you purchase a car and just leave in garage? Don’t you drive, wash and service it time period so it stays healthy and serve you better?

Exactly like that, we cannot get a smart website made and just let it be. Expecting it to magically pour you with loads of business.

Building a SEO optimized, clean and user-friendly website is superb and it’s an awesome start. Please note, this smart site what you have built is nascent, new born. It is not mature to attract potential business.

Websites should be regularly updated and maintained to build its personality to attract and impress potential customers/business.

Website updates and maintenance includes everything that will help it evolve and grow.
Such as –
A. Updating site with regular, fresh and useful content. Content that throws more light to your service or product updates. Content that brings more awareness of your business.

Optimising content to attract relevant readers/customers. Impress these readers and nudge them to write to you.

B. Adding new features to stay fresh/up-to-date/interactive/trendy.

Who Should invest in website maintenance?
Every business who desires and is open to attract business from the digital space.
Every business, be it small firms, big organisations, agencies, consultants. Website maintenance contributes to all.

We are website maintenance professionals and are abreast with the constantly evolving web technologies and trends. We use all the relevant tools (basic to latest) in all our web maintenance projects to help them rank better in search engines, to get noticed by potential customers in targeted geographies.

Website maintenance is long term. It may not yield immediate returns. But definitely, It is the best investment to attract organic traffic.

For immediate returns, we suggest clients to go with Google adwords. Adwords too require a lot of care, analysis and professional help.

Google deducts money on every single click on ads. Hence it requires much care and attention to keep track on who is clicking the ad to understand their demography, such as their geography, age group, gender, click relevance etc.

Working on adwords is more like sailing in ocean. You have to always be present and aware of the current and manoeuvre your sail accordingly.

Write to us with your website maintenance requirement for custom quote. You can also mail us at reachout at imajineweb dot com