Best way to build website for small business

This article provides useful tips on how to create website and an overall web presence for very small business, entrepreneurs/small entity with very small budget for sales/marketing/website.

When we are very small with very little capital/cash investment, we resist building website, because yes it does cost money and we may not be ready to spend money as of then.

Hence we probably choose to promote ourselves on social media platform such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or we end up getting a website built by a fresher, who is mostly unaware of latest web technologies and will mostly built a site in very old web technology which is of no use from search engine perspective.

Promoting business on social media

When you do not have a website, Social Media is a very good tool for promotion/marketing. Social media gives instant gratification.

Any social media platform does see saturation and people move to the next hyped one. Along with potential customers, we too move to the next SM.

One thing for sure is that Google is here to stay and the majority search always happens on Google, Google search takes larger portion of the pie. And to get listed on Google we should have a site of our own.

Hence I suggest you have a site too, a place that is completely under your control, built on latest technology that is search engine friendly and also light on your pocket.

How important it is to build your own website and how to build the same in less budget?

What do you require to own a site?

To own a website, all you require is:

  1. Website Domain Name. Domain name means website URL
    Example: Our website domain name is
    Things to consider when you are getting your domain name, “Keep it short”.
  2. Host provider (a place where your website resides)
  3. A website itself.

Here is an article to get detailed information on domain name and hosting.

There are so many host providers in the market, here’s listing a couple of them, such has godaddy, Siteground or Nettigritty. Our site Imajine is hosted on Nettigritty and we just love their service.

How to build a website by myself?

You can build a website that is easy to create, easy to maintain and the site that is on latest web technology. For which you should choose Content Management System (CMS) websites. There are many Content Management Systems available in the market.

You can choose WordPress(WP) Content Management System(CMS) to build your website. WP is one of the popular CMS, is free, has tons of support articles and is extremely easy to install on Linux hosting. In fact, you can even request your host provider to install it for you. Hosting usually has single click tools to install WP for you. It is that easy.

To establish your preferable look/feel for the site, you can search for ‘free WordPress theme download’ and you will find tons in google. Free theme will definitely help you establish a basic website.

Is having a business website important?

Website is important because “it is an independent space that is yours and is completely under your control”. You have the flexibility to do anything there.

[qodef_blockquote text=”Content by content, website brands you over the period of time. ” title_tag=”h3″ width=””]

Just like how you are promoting yourself on social media, add the same content in your website too.

Once the search engines recognises your website. Search Engines will be aware of your services and products. Once you start getting listed in search engines, they will direct potential customers to your website.

All the small and new business, please note : There is no shortcuts to get organically listed in search engine’s first few pages. This requires patience and you should persistently add business/brand constructive content to the site.

To know more about search statistics, please take a look at this awesome article by Rand Fishkin.

What should I focus more in my website, Content? or design?

As you are starting small with basic website, do not worry about the look and feel as of now. Because nobody is actually looking at your site unless you ask them to.

All you have to focus on right now is making your site content rich, while you continue your promotion on social media or network building.

Example on how to build content –
Say for an artist, they should religiously upload their artwork in the website and write few lines describing the artwork and make sure to include a couple of relevant search keywords.

Once you have considerable data, you can slowly also focus on its look/feel.

Having a website is like investing in mutual funds, it helps on a long run.

If you have any doubts in building your site, write to us, we can help you with it.

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Here’s wishing you loads of Abundance!