Entrepreneur, are you prepared for Payment Gateway?

This article is all about how business owners should prepare for their ecom website installation.

Payment gateway is very critical part of your ecom website.

Please note, everything I have put in here is out of our experience implementing payment gateway to our clients. Surprisingly payment gateway implementation challenges are independent of country or culture. You end up learning something from every payment gateway.

Entrepreneurs, please don’t wait for the website to be completely ready to start your communication with payment gateway provider or the bank that is integrating your payment gateway. Please start along with the development work of your web portal because payment gateway documentation work is tricky and time consuming. Gateway provider will request for a couple of legal documents, for which you will have to contact your lawyer/accountant to get these documents prepared. At times, documents may not be legible. You may have to spend some time to understand these documents. These are legal documents and you should make sure you are aware of what is in it to avoid trouble in future.

Please note: If you get in trouble out of your ignorance; it’s you who will be penalized.

Once the documentation work is through and you receive payment gateway starter kit, make sure to check if kit shared is of latest version.

To make it more dramatic, you may end up interacting with payment gateway support team who may fail to provide sufficient support technically.

Make sure to add, terms and conditions, security policy and refund policy in your site.

Make sure to have a signed agreement with the payment gateway provider to take sole responsibility on securing payers vital/confidential information.


This is very essential. Let me tell you why?

Technically at checks-out, customers are taken to payment gateway’s secured tool. The complete payment journey happens at the gateway’s end. You don’t have any control here. Payment gateway and the bank are the ones who have access to all the vital info of the card used to process the payment. Hence the legal agreement is very essential.

If you are using “Stripe” payment gateway, then the reality is slightly different. Stripe gateway is shared security payment tool – security shared between web host and Stripe.

In this situation, be 100% sure of your website host provider. Check their reviews. Understand how good are they from security perspective.

If you require any assistance with ecom website development or payment gateway integration, we can help you with it. Contact us or mail us at reachout at imajineweb dot com.



By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.