Google Ads – Where did PPC work and where it did not for us

“Does Google Adwords work?” Answer to this usual doubt is – It does and it does not too.

This article should give you an idea on how/when to use Google Adwords campaign for your business.

Imajine being a web design company, we help our clients market their business over Google Search Engine through Google Ads, PPC (pay-per-click) approach.

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With our PPC project experiences, we have realised that Google Ads work tremendously well for some business and for some it just doesn’t budge.


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Google ads worked awesomely well for businesses like –

  1. Coaching
  2. Training
  3. Healing
  4. Treatments; example dentists
  5. Event marketing

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In all the above cases, we were able to funnel down our ads to the right audience, Google Ad campaigns provided immense benefits here and we were able to generate impressive revenue for the our client’s business.

Here’s listing down the factors that served the purpose –

  1. All were offline services; hence we made the ads to be geography specific
  2. The business/service is such that the ads itself appear to very specific/focused group
  3. The ads also get searched by the focused group of people.
  4. Despite the above point 2 and 3, we made sure the ads are listed for the right age group unless it is age independent service, like in case of dentist/healing.

Google provides so many options for us to filter and funnel down to right audience.
There are a lot of Google tutorials to help and guide you.

We have also learnt that google ads work awesomely well for last minute emergencies such as gifting – flowers and cakes. Every single day, there are so many people who want to make somebody feel special. And if these kinds of businesses are geography independent, all the more better, it widens the potential purchaser’s market and even if the potential buyer is geography dependent, it still works awesome!


One very specific industry where Google Ads did not work for us was for an “Architecture firm”

This is one place where we didn’t get any potential client. Listing down our observations on why it could have all gone wrong –

  1. The ad was for an Indian market, with GST happened, even wealthier people were careful on where they spent their monies
  2. Our ads were being clicked by age group between mid 20s to mid 40s. Our Ads getting clicked by age group 20s and 30s was definitely a waste for us. For all we know, they were mostly catering to their future dreams.
  3. People definitely do a lot of research before finalising an Architect, so clicking through our ads were not an instant conversion. In situations where potential customer do a lot of research, website should have a strong brand recall factor. We should make sure the business brand is highly captivating so that it stays in the researcher’s mind and the recall factor is high.
  4. We could only specify a broader geography here, couldn’t funnel down to very specific geographies.

So definitely when there is huge money involved and the project is for lifetime. The potential buyer invests a lot of time on research and we should make sure our brand recall factor is higher too.

This article is clearly based on our experience on PPC projects and this should give a broader picture on what to consider and prepare yourself before investing on PPC.

Hope the article is helpful to you. And if you require any help with your online marketing or Google ads, you can write to us at reachout[at]