Does Email marketing ever help?

Do you ever read any of these marketing emails?

I don’t.

I have huge resistance to purchase anything that is forced onto me.

Surely most of you experience similar emotion as I do towards email marketing.

We at Imajine chose to focus more on marketing.

For instant and quicker exposure, email marketing definitely is a good solution.

Had never ventured into email marketing. Decided to stay open and give this a shot.

Transformation happens when we change our perspective and explore new thinks.

I asked myself – “How do I get people to notice and read my mail?”, “How can we be different so that our mails are no nuisance to readers?”

I chose to make this experience better and interesting.

So what I did was,

  1. Selected business/audience carefully
  2. Spent a couple of minutes to understand ‘what they do?’ and
  3. Wrote a personalized/warm mail and made sure the mail was not too formal and technical
  4. And never wrote more than once to the same person.


When you are relaxed, enjoy and mail with great ease. The energy reflects in the mail and the reader actually experiences it too.

You don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

I so enjoyed this process and joy doubled with the result.

For every 80-100 mails I sent, I received around 3-5 replies. And for every 250-300 emails I received 1-2 conversions.

Isn’t that awesome! How can we make it better than this?

It works! We just need to spend some time and get more clarity on how to execute it.


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By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.