Imajine’s Free Kitchen Tool Icons

Imajine's Free giveaway icons for spoons, knifes, ladles, frying spoons, lemon, beetroot

Here you go!

We are giving away a set of 10 Kitchen icons for Entrepreneurs who choose to create their online websites, be it for catering business, applications to book a table (bookatable) online.

Food is a happy emotion and make yours a best restaurant website with all the available free elements for the site such as icons from Imajine. Our icons can be used for print elements also, such as business cards and menu cards.

Well, these icons can be used by anybody, best suits/useful for Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Food Bloggers and also for any food industry – Chipotle, Fast Food, Indian, Chinese, Vegan, Vegetarian, Italian food catering and delivery services.

The icon list includes – Egg beater, Forked Knife, Frying Ladle, Knife, Rolling Pin, Two different kind of Slotted Ladles, Big Spoon, Lemon and Beetroot.

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