How impressive should my website home page be?

Clearly you should make your website home page impressive. How impressive? We will get to that soon.

When your potential customer find you through search engines/ google, they may or may not always land on our home page.

For example:
If your desired customer is browsing internet to get clarity on rates/pricing for the services your industry provides, they will most likely land in your services page.

If your potential customer is looking for some tips/concerns/suggestions on your service and if you have addressed that in your website as a blog article or in your services page, most likely, your potential customer will end up there.

[qodef_blockquote text=”Everytime, your potential customer lands on your website through online search, they are there to get clarity on their query. ” title_tag=”h3″ width=””]

What should be given more priority in a website?

[qodef_blockquote text=”Provide lucid and constructive information for your potential customers which is easy to access/spot in the website. Also make sure website is professional looking and loads quickly. ” title_tag=”h3″ width=””]

Home page is not the only doorway to your website. That doesn’t mean home page is not important. Home page is definitely an important part of your website.

Do spend time and make it impressive. Making the home page impressive should not be the only objective.

Home page should not take way too long to load. Many people have mentioned in so many blogs that you just have a nano second to impress your visitor. We at Imajine, don’t really believe in that concept. Reality being, most of us do not have lightning speed internet connection and definitely we are all a little more patient than the nano second concept. We definitely wait for at least 30seconds to a minute for site to load and if our requirement is genuine, we will spend some time to grasp site’s authority.

Keep all this into consideration and design home page that is impressive but do not overload it with too many actions and too many heavy loading scripts and photographs.

Almost all the website pages are the doorways to our potential customers. Make sure every page is pleasant looking with crisp, helpful and constructive information.

If you require any suggestions/help in building your website and maintain it to attract potential customers you desire to partner with, write to us – reachout at imajineweb dot com or through our enquiry form.


By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.