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To create the best logo, you need not be the best graphic designer.

Designers always gather logo requirement from the client before working on it. At times, “the client may not like the logo designs”, inspite of them being created based on the requirements gathered. Please don’t punish yourself or judge your work. It is really ok, because it is very common.

Listing out things to consider and not-to-consider while designing a logo

Things to consider:
While gathering requirements, we should understand the unsaid, like client’s energy, attitude, culture, geography and most importantly who is this business serving to. These, will be your main ingredients for the dish.

Things to ignore:
There may be things you may have to ignore too.

Like for example: The client may want to see the entire universe in the little logo, well this is no Krishna’s mouth. At such situations, your communication skill plays a vital role, you need to learn to sell the logo you created but also be sure your logo is definitely apt for the business.

Ultimately, logo that vibrates with the business energy is the best logo for that business.

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