How does Brand Strategy Research help?

Investing on Brand Strategy Research is vital. It helps you- Organise your product/service attributes and define clear direction for brand.

Brand Strategy Research helps you define your objective. It gives clarity on ‘the value you add to consumer’.

During research, if you end up wandering in multiple directions, it’s a clear indication for you – focus, research more and build a better, stronger brand strategy.

To get that focus, you need to live in questions, ask yourself questions like – What is it that makes my products (or services) so special that they deserve to be a brand?

When you live in questions, you get super creative. It helps you focus on issues that is significant to the consumer rather than supplier. When you keep asking questions you may not get answers to every question. Your subconscious mind is alert, aware and present and it is working with you, It is building something for you with you. By the end, you will build that powerful and desirable product/service.

Brand plays a key role within company’s marketing strategy. It is a powerful magnet to attract potential customers.

Brand is an amalgam of two things
1. Identity/face of business
2. Personality of business

Business identity is the name, logo, design, product or service and its look and feel

Business personality is your differentiator; how you differentiate yourself and your product/brand/service offerings and the experience you give.

An example for differentiator I can share is MOZ. How Rand Fishkin (co-founder) differentiates himself and changes the perception of MOZ (his company).

I love MOZ! they provide SEO services. If you think about it, as a SEO service company, how can you be different?

I love MOZ, because of Rand Fishkin. His ‘Whiteboard Friday’ info sharing videos is the differentiator for MOZ. His generous action to share well analysed, organised, concise class on SEO facts and tips differentiates MOZ from rest of the competition.

And what I like best about this differentiator is, Rand Fishkin’s competitor’s cannot imitate him, this is his unique selling point. How can it get better than this?

Differentiators give consumer a greater clarity on what to expect.

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By Jayanthi Varma

Jayanthi is Imajine's Co-Founder, Designer and Developer. Jayanthi is in the field of website design and web app development since 2003. Jayanthi is also a certified User Centered Analyst.

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