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An economical web design package for small business

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Imajine is a small business entity. All our Imajine employees work from their respective homes. We so believe on cutting down unnecessary cost.


A penny saved is a penny earned.



Over the period of time, we have noticed that small business entrepreneurs working from their homes, meticulously work towards branding themselves. Most of them do not have a website and they so beautifully put in so much energy and effort building their brand over social media.

For all those Entrepreneurs out there, we have a special website design package just for you.

A package that will cost you USD200/- only and it includes –

  1. Domain Name registration
  2. Website Hosting package
  3. Installation of WordPress CMS website
  4. Installation of free to use WordPress themes.
  5. One hour Skype training session on managing (adding/editing/deleting) your content in your brand new website.Added bonus will be a couple of tips on how to create and organise your content.


The domain and hosting will have to be renewed every year.  So yearly we will be invoicing you USD100/- to maintain your website subscription.

Wishing you all the abundance and look forward to working with you!

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