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And Imajine; website/online branding partner.

Our Services

Imajine designs all kinds of graphics, be it for websites, presentations, logo, brochure, interface design, marketing material


We design custom-made, unique, professional Logos, User Interface designs (UI), graphics/illustrations for digital marketing material and websites.


We develop
static / dynamic websites, CMS WordPress websites, website portals and also develop Custom Web Apps in PHP/MySQL.
Imajine's service includes SEO and Google Adwords


We work on SEO to build organic traffic. Also implement Google AdWords and closely monitor to increase potential target user traffic.
We maintain websites at regualr period, say monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual


We maintain
websites by taking regular back-ups of websites, database and updating CMS versions and installed plugins in the site.

Featured Work

Looking for website design, development and maintenance partner? is a professional website designer, web application developer and maintain websites for clients including SEO, page speed management and Google AdWords

Exponential Digital Solutions (10xDS)

Yet again we had the opportunity to work with 10xDS on their corporate website revamp project. 10xDS is a multinational organisation based across Middle East and India providing RPA and related professional services. 10xDS is an warm/welcoming team and idyllic partner to work with.

Our  partnership goes on, we are presently working on their corporate website enhancement/maintenance project. Here is a short case study of revamping 10xDS website.


Imajine builds ecommerce websites. Imajine is a professional at integrating Payment Gateways. Imajine hosts websites on Amazon cloud and other shared hosts. is an e-commerce web application. They simply sell bathroom products only. is a clean, user-friendly website. Registration is not required to purchase products in the site. Third party payment gateway solution, Instamojo is used for this E-com website application. Product packages available in PlumbKart are irresistible, as they were built after our constructive discussion with a focussed group of people which included building architects, vendors and people from mid age group to understand the requirements.

Take a look at

For Angela, everything is energy and consciousness.

We built Angela’s Portfolio/Services/E-Com WordPress website to showcase her services, events, blog articles, online payment facility and continue to work with her managing her website.

We have built couple of CMS websites for Access Consciousness facilitators such as Angela. Must add, it’s a joy creating Professional Logos, building websites and maintaining websites for alternate healers.

Portfolio Websites for Women Entrepreneur

We have had the opportunity to work with several women entrepreneur and build their websites. Partnering with ‘women in business’ and building their brand is mostly honest.

Feels like we all women are made of same fabric called vulnerable, open, honest, driven and intuitive.

Recent Blogs

Step by step tutorial on installing WordPress CMS in AWS Cloud

Mastering to build websites/web apps on AWS Cloud is very different and its another ball-game altogether. Setting up instances on AWS Cloud that is apt for our website CMS tool is an elaborate process. We have to be very alert and present while going through the tutorials available on the internet while establishing this environment on AWS Cloud. If you are a developer and newbie in developing websites on Amazon cloud, stay there and be patient, it may take a couple of attempts before successfully establishing the environment and installing CMS/WordPress successfully.

One important tip would like to share is, for a newbie, we may get lost in AWS console, hence please make a note on where you went and what you did there. Just in case if you are unsuccessful in installing the CMS, Please go back and delete all the instances that you are no longer planning to use.

Here are a couple of our step by step tutorials to build WordPress CMS using Bitnami tool that could be helpful for you. Tutorial links are shared below. As and when we get time, we are planning to add more such tutorials.

Imajine is an expert in developing wordpress websites in AWS cloud host

A Decade of Sheer Joy

Each mile of this journey is worthwhile, and living it to the fullest.

Building our 10 year old Imajine is only getting better and interesting with each coming day. Definitely our skills have got better with every passing year; alongside we have discovered so much about ourselves; our strengths, our weakness; changing every weakness into strength; moving ahead, living life, growing and expanding.

We have had great joy working with varied website design/development projects and interesting clients. Blessed with amazing, warm and friendly internal as well as external teams.

How does it get better than this!

Imajine is professional corporateecommerce website developer